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01 our Green roofs

Eco Groendaken
Green roofs
An eco-green roof is an extra roofing that is placed on flat and sloping roofs. An eco-green roof has ecological ...

Eco Green Roofs
Waarom een groendak?
a green roof
In the winter a eco-green roof for extra insulation against cold and in the summer for a natural cooling. This will allow the energy cost ...

Why a green roof?
Soorten eco groendaken
Types of
eco green roofs
An eco-green roof consists of different types and assemblies depending on the required application. There are 3 types of

Types of green roofs
Onderhoud groendak
green roofs
Green roofs cut off a little on maintenance, after the vegetation is fully grown it is only necessary to service twice a year.

Maintenance green roof
Waar een eco-groendak
Where a
Eco-green roof?
An eco-green roof is not only applied on roofs of houses, corporate and Government buildings. But also, among other things, be used on ...

Where a green roof?
Prijsofferte groendak
Eco green roof
Prices of green roofs are different to every wish, request a price quote using our quote form green roof.

Price Offer Green Roof

02 about ECO green roof

For 10 years the specialist in green roofs
The specialist for all your green roofs and roof gardens. Choose a green roof with correct guidance for companies and individuals.
Professional approach
Eco green roof stands for a perfect finish, we ensure the qualitative construction of all types of green roofs.
We work with you
In the past 10 years I have the client learn better means, with a few tips or clues us to store your droomdak.

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03 References

"I have my green roof installed by Eco green roof, been accompanied from the start in my choice to planting and the like. For the rest they have very nice job and everything fine finished to perfection "
Christine Marres
ECO green roof is eker definitely for the construction of your green roofs and roof gardens. Now have a very nice roof garden to enjoy in. My thanks is large, very good job. "
Bart Vancaets
After consultations chosen for a low-maintenance green roof, well again been guided in making a choice. Five stars for the work she has done. "
Vanessa Landry

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05 green roof Quote

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a request for quotation take?

If there is sufficient information submitted is the expected time before you receive your quotation request up to 10 working days. In most cases you will get the quotation will be sent within 5 working days in your mailbox.

How do I calculate the surface of my roof?

In order to calculate the surface you have to use the following formula:

short side x long side = area

If you have the measurements in metres, for example, a rectangle of 6 meters by 3 meters, the surface automatically in ' square meters '. So:

6 m x 3 m = 18 m²

If sufficient information is lacking.

If there is insufficient information to provide a correct green roof quote is missing I will contact you for further information, for large and more complicated projects should and always come on site. If you are in possession of a plan signed by an architect is in most cases sufficient.

Difference between the types of green roofs?

  1. An extensive green roof is a green roof with Succulents. This sedumdak is interesting because the investment is limited and there is no planning permission is needed.
  2. Grow vegetables themselves, and no garden? Than vegetable roofs are your thing. With your own groentedak can you get started in your garden.
  3. Would like to offer you a roof garden? That can. A intensive green roof is a garden or terrace on the roof, all the way to compare with an ordinary garden possibly with terrace.

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