Why an eco green roof?
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Economic and environmental benefits.

Environmentally friendly insulation:

In the winter a eco-green roof for extra insulation against cold and in the summer for a natural cooling. This will allow the sensitive energy costs come down, this is your coin case certainly. In addition, an eco-green roof also a sound-insulating effect.

Natural air and water purification:

An eco-green roof plays an important role. The complex of substrate, micro-organisms and vegetation not only takes co., benzeem and particulates, but breaks them. Fine dust is responsible for allergies and asthma and cause of smog. Did you know that bv. 1 m² green roof annually 0.2 kg fine dust from the air filter, this is certainly the environment and our health.

Water management:

The complex of substrate and vegetation reduced not only the harmful chemicals from the air but also serves as a buffer for rainwater and thus to damming of flooding. The succulents and the substrate sucking the water on and let it evaporate, then slowly keeps an eco-green roof a significant amount of rain water from the sewage.


An eco-green roof compensates for the lack of green especially in the urban environment. It looks not only good but comes the return of birds and insects such as strawberries, butterflies etc.. for the better. An eco-green roof gives even a huge added value to your building.

Protection of roofing materials:

An eco-green roof provides protection to your roofing, so is your roofing protected against UV radiation and big temperature changes causing the roof less subject to abrasion and so two to three times longer, which, again, your wallet.

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