Types of Eco green roofs
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Building an eco-green roof:

An eco-green roof consists of different types and assemblies depending on the required application.

A 2 layer eco-green roof system:

This system consists of one (1) and (2) drainage substrate layer separated by a filter membrane. This is a solid and common system.

A 3 layer eco-green roof system:

This system consists of one (1) drainage layer with additional (2) water buffer and (3) substrate layer separated by a filter membrane. This system has the advantage that in longer periods of drought more water remains at the disposal of the plants and so be less subject to dehydration causing your eco-green roof will stay green longer.

A 2 or 3 layer eco-green roof system is increasingly supplemented by a wortelvaste layer, this could possibly still be equipped with a protective layer. The substrate layer may be composed of several types exist, this according to the use of planting and the extra weight that can be applied on the existing roof construction. For the eco-green roof vegetation makes use of sedumstekken, sedumpluggen or sedummatten. When using sedummatten, you post the best result, your eco-green roof will post instance already for at least 85% begroend, to this same result you will when using bv sedumstekken about 2 years before you can enjoy your green roof. On request other plantings and applications are also possible.

A 1 ply green roof:

This is a green roof roof that only consists of a substrate layer supplemented by planting directly on the roofing is made. This green roof will already after a few years for issues and unforeseen costs. This is a green roof that is strongly not recommended. For this system will also no subsidies can be obtained. This is possible for 2 or 3 layer eco-green roof system.

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